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Elemental Images in Paint

“Let the beauty we love be what we do” -Rumi


                              Paint for Joy!

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Art making is our human birth right. Everyone can paint given the right supportive tools. I know this because my own world burst wide open the day I simply closed my eyes and painted the way a tulip feels instead of the way it looks. That was nearly 20 years ago yet painting still provokes the same thrill. To support others who are hungry for more art in their lives, I have developed the Creative by Nature Art Method- an easy to learn yet powerful contemplative painting practice. It provides the most essential art skills and habits for painting with natural ease. You will learn to let go and strengthen your art muscles. If you seek to transform your art confidence this practice will be enormously beneficial. In no time you will paint anywhere, at anytime.

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Beauty Muse: Painting in Communion with Nature

With over 100 easy-to-try painting activities, inspiring narrative and vibrant colour images, Beauty Muse: Painting in communion with nature is a rich creative companion.  Get the tools to ignite a painting practice to call your own and watch how small daily steps lead to a more creative life.

Get inspired by fresh natural ways to approach drawing and painting that support skill building, spontaneity and in-the-moment presence. See Creative by Nature Art articles, videos and books.

I paint with nature’s beauty- her patterns, colours, shadows and elemental tensions. My teaching mission is to help others free themselves from art anxiety so they may enjoy their own creative nature. I am thrilled to offer you creative mentoring, creative nature connection programs, kids art camps and short art retreats. I am a nature-taught painter and have a Doctorate in Transformative Learning from the University of Toronto. I live, work and play on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada and love gunk holing around the Gulf Islands with my family on our sailboat Phoenix. Learn more

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