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About My Art

Painting for me is like attaining first hand experience of the within of things. I paint to bring the blurry often unseen, into focus. Over the years my art muse has been pattern, reflected sunlight, plant shadow, stone texture, forest sounds, and watery movement. I paint through visceral sensory engagement, improvisation and inspired impersonation using oil, raw earth pigment, acrylic, ink, gouache, watercolour, photo transfer and wax. Abstract Expressionist artists especially Hilma af Klint and Zao Wou-Ki who engage natural spontaneity and the spiritual in their work inspire me.

My images have been said to bubble with thought provoking often decadent vitality – a joyful and energetically hopeful reply to dark times. Most recently I have been inspired by peeling layers of ochre on ancient stone walls juxtaposed with the play of crisp gold light from Venetian renaissance chandeliers. Utterances of sunlight and water along with ciphers, alchemical symbols encoding nature alongside spontaneous wild form are current themes. Mixed media paintings in suede-like rose quartz, powdery baby blue and decadent Venetian gold are my current passion. Read more.

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