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Plant art

Paint with Nature Videos

It’s amazing how each leaf falls in its own unique artful way. In Fall Lines I invite you to draw along. See more videos here.

Creative magic is in your hands 

 Experience the joy of painting, naturally.

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Be one of the over 2000 youth and adults in schools, retreats, and wilderness programs who have learned to paint with nature for joy and connection.

When you take a class with me, you will feel confident to paint with natural ease anywhere, anytime.  Playful yet powerful hands-on painting encounters comprised of sensory ways to shift into connection, are coupled with essential skills for painting success. Soon you will have a painting practice to call your own that nourishes your wild heart and refreshes a love for nature through authentic creative expression.
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I will continue exploring this wonderful world of expression you taught me. I am very grateful.

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Books & Articles

Beauty Muse: Painting in Communion with Nature

In this book you will discover nature-inspired tools to ignite a painting practice to call your own. With over 100 easy-to-try painting activities, inspiring narrative and vibrant colour images, Beauty Muse: Painting in communion with nature is a rich creative painting companion.

See Creative by Nature Art articles and books.



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   I paint with nature’s beauty- pattern, movement, light play, earth pigment and elemental tensions draw me in. I began almost three decades ago by painting how I feel as a kind of creative journal practice, letting my hands choose the colours. One day my world burst wide open when on an impulse I painted the way a vase of tulips feels instead of the way it looks. I painted a felt connection with eyes closed and painty fingertips directly on the page. I continue to paint in this way and have taught over 200o youth & adults to paint too.

    Participants in Paint with Nature workshops ae introduced to powerful yet easy-to-learn techniques for shifting into connection with the living world and their wild heart then painting. We paint in the garden, forest, in my studio and even on the sea. Anyone interested in nature connection, paint skill building, enhanced creative confidence, the joy of spontaneity and enhanced wellness will enjoy these workshops, designed for curious creatives and well seasoned art professionals alike. I call myself  a “nature-taught” painter (I made that up) and have a Doctorate in Transformative Learning from the University of Toronto with a focus on creativity and nature connection. I am president of the Salt Spring Gallery, an artist-driven fine art collective. I live, work and play on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada and love gunk holing around the Gulf Islands on my sailboat Phoenix. Learn more

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