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About Lisa Lipsett’s Art

   I am a West Coast abstract painter with an expressionistic nature-inspired style.  My paintings bubble with joyful vitality offering a hopeful yet thought provoking response to dark times. The human-nature relationship is a recurring theme as is the tension between the elements fire and water.

   I am interested in deepened presence with nature through painting. I am fascinated by the within of things. For me painting magnifies the visceral, provokes deep contemplation and makes often-unseen feeling landscapes come into focus. Abstract Expressionist artists like Hilma af Klint and Zao Wou-Ki who engage nature, spontaneity and the spiritual in their work inspire me. I am equally a self-taught and nature-taught artist who learned to paint through intuition, observation and hyper-experimentation. I am best known for joyful paintings that are full of life and energy. I work in mixed media including acrylic, oil stick, earth pigment and cold wax.

Lately I find myself drawn to ochre and plant pigment. I am excited by the possibility of going all-natural.

   For me, the drive to create is fuelled by a longing for connection through visceral engagement, improvisation and impersonation of the wild. I am inspired by tracks and marks left behind from nature’s creations and return again and again to encounters that afford a taste of nature’s signature patterns and processes. I also take inspiration from weathered traces of human art-making in layers of ochre on ancient stone walls. Painting is a way to experience and give expression to nature’s enduring presence.
    In my series, “Utterances of Sunlight and Water” alchemical ciphers are juxtaposed with spontaneous wildness in an exploration of the human need to control and domesticate. In “Chasing Bliss” and “Still Chasing” paintings explore contemplation, harmony, beauty and belonging.
   Using oil, raw earth pigment, acrylic, ink, gouache, watercolour, photo transfer stabilized with cold wax affords maximum material freedom. Rose quartz suede, powdery baby blue and decadent Venetian gold resonate with renaissance sensibilities. Natural pattern, shadow, stone texture, forest sounds, and watery movement remain a constant. I return to these again and again.  Read more.
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