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Do you want to try an art encounter with nature or take a longer deep dive into a practice to call your own?

These books and predominantly free articles are designed to be inspiring yet practical. They are woven with beautiful paintings & nature photos, stories, research information, theory and easy-to-do art encounters. Simply click on the image of the book or article that interests you and you will be taken to where you can download then begin your art adventure.[/text_output][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Beauty Muse Book



Beauty Muse PDF

Discover a painting practice to call your own. Learn to paint with the shadows, patterns, textures, shapes and colours of both nature and your wild heart through easy to try art encounters.

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Soft Cover Edition

Discover how to paint with the richest colours and patterns of both self and Nature.




An Eight Day Practice to Try

Dive in and develop your own painting practice with the Creative by Nature Art Method.

An Introduction to Creative by Nature Art


An Introduction to Creative by Nature Art

Learn more about the roots of the Creative by Nature Art Method.

Bathing in Sensation


Bathing in Sensation

Connect  to a tree through touch and sound as you paint to track and deepen your nature connection.

Bringing Art to Life PDF


Bringing Art to Life: Creative Nature Connection for Educators.

Easy to try practical Creative by Nature Art encounters, further reading and tips for assessment and integration for educators seeking fresh ways to merge creativity and nature.

Doodling: The Joy of Spontaneous Art


Doodling: The Joy of Spontaneous Art

Doodling is a simple way to practice spontaneous creativity with your heart and nature.

Drawing & Painting with Light & Shadow


Drawing & Painting with Light & Shadow

Creating with shadows within and without releases energy and deepens communion.



On Speaking Terms Again: Transformative experiences of artful Earth connection

Theory, narrative, images and quotes from the fields of ecotherapy, ecophilosophy, environmental education and art therapy support the thesis that art in general and painting in particular is a powerful and joyful way to transform connction to self, others and the natural world. (thesis)



Snowflakes, Creativity and Patterns that Connect

Seeing natural patterns in our work strengthens our commitment. We learn to trust.



The Artful Eye

Approaching creativity as contemplation deepens our connection to self and nature.



Transformation is in our Hands: Green Teacher article

An early article for educators on the Creative by Nature Art method

Duncan ElseyTransformation is in our Hands: Green Teacher article