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   In this visually rich and thoughtfully written book, Lisa Lipsett bathes you in a natural world of creative imagination. Once engaged you will discover how to paint with the richest colours and patterns of both self and Nature. Whether you are inspired by meadows of sunshine yellow, forests of earthy warm brown, or oceans of cyan and aquamarine, Beauty Muse is sure to spark your innate creativity. Through Lipsett’s Natural Painting practice, discover how to let go and follow where the paints and inspiration lead, allowing beauty to blossom from your hands. Easy-to-try activities will nourish your hunger for authentic creativity, meaningful self-exploration and deeply felt nature connection. Author Lisa Lipsett’s combined experience as a seasoned painter and environmental educator gives Beauty Muse creative wisdom and ecological timeliness. Beauty Muse will appeal to anyone longing for a creative practice to call their own, in addition to educators, artists, therapists and parents interested in strengthening nature relationships through the arts.

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I am ready to get into my practice, whatever it shapes up to be! Thanks for the inspiration and for BEAUTY MUSE.

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“Blue bubble” activities make Beauty Muse an essential creative companion.


Lost Rainbows: An Introduction

Beginning with Ourselves
The Process of Natural Painting
Self-change Through Painting
Seeing Pattern
Artful Nature Communion: Seeing Moth
Artful Self Communion: Seeing Body
Beauty Muse: Found Rainbows

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Lisa LipsettBeauty Muse: Painting in Communion with Nature