Chasing Bliss Show August 2016
   About Lisa’s Art

   “To harmonize the whole is the task of art”.

-Wassily Kandinsky

   My world burst open the day I painted the way a vase of tulips feels instead of the way it looks. That was nearly 20 years ago and I am happy to say that painting still provokes the same thrill. 

   I am a nature-taught artist who learned to paint through intuition and observation. I believe art can be created by anyone; it is our human birthright.

   Abstract Expressionist artists like Alexandra Luke, Joan Mitchell, Hilma af Klint and Zao Wou-Ki who engage natural spontaneity and the spiritual in their work inspire me. The timeless purity of art rendered on prehistoric cave walls humbles me. Lately I find myself drawn to ochre and plant pigment. I am excited by the possibility of going all natural.

   My art is motivated by the drive to experience the living world through body and sense. I am interested in deepened presence through painting. I like closing my eyes and feeling the connection. Art-making magnifies, prompting deep contemplation and the expression of normally unseen feeling landscapes. Elemental images in paint and photography are artifacts from both direct contact and inspired impersonation.

Utterances of Sunlight & Water series

Utterances of Sunlight & Water series

   I am interested in the golden moment when chaos manifests as cosmos, when a fresh transcendent punctuation of wholeness is born.

   I work in mixed media including acrylic, oil stick, ink and cold wax. I often break all the rules, use both hands directly on the canvas and much like an alchemist I create the ideal conditions for things to birth themselves. 


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   My mandala photo-art offers prismatic glimpses into natural patterns; the viewer is invited to look at landscape through a drop of water or a kaleidoscope. I begin with a photograph of a painting or a light painting long exposure photo then work in my digital studio to create the mandala.

   Mandalas and the Ancient Light series are available as fine art prints on Fine Art America, just click on the large view of an image to be taken to Fine Art America where you will see size and print surface options. Soon all paintings will be available as giclée prints, many up to 4 feet wide!  

   In the meantime please contact me for inquiries about giclee prints of paintings and for queries about purchasing original art work.

   I believe art can be created by anyone and should be accessible to everyone so I use LML (labour, materials, love)  pricing for original art work. This keeps my work accessible to the average art enthusiast because it is reasonably priced while supporting continued creating and sharing.

   Many paintings are available as skins at Decalgirl, additional images can be customized for mobile devices. Just ask and we’ll make it happen. Visit my art here.

   I am honoured to be a member of The Salt Spring Gallery– a wonderful co-operative art space of FRESH LOCAL ART.  I invite you to drop by.

Lisa LipsettAbout Lisa’s Art