Chasing Bliss I- 24" x 24" ochre, acrylic, oil and cold wax on wood.

Chasing Bliss Show

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Lisa Lipsett & Kuno Egger

August 26- September 7, 2016

Opening Wine & Cheese Reception Friday August 26, 5-7pm.

“To chase” is synonymous with pursuit, hunt or trail in order to catch up with. “Bliss” or “to be blissed out” is perfect happiness, great joy, ecstasy, rapture, or euphoria. Please join painter Lisa Lipsett and ceramic/glass artist Kuno Egger as they share their delight of form, movement and texture in this captivating and colour-rich show. In a celebration of their 25 years as life partners and more recently as creative partners, they explore how complete bliss is never quite sustained in marriage, hence the word “chasing”, although fortunately it may be attainable in art.

Utterances of Sunlight & Water X, 12″ x 12″, oil stick, earth pigment, guoache and cold wax  on wood.

Fused glass platter

About the Artists

Lisa Lipsett

Lisa’s art is motivated by the drive to experience the living world through body and sense. She is interested in deepened presence through painting. She is a nature-taught artist whose elemental images are artifacts from both direct contact and inspired impersonation. She is well known on the Island for joyful paintings that are full of life and energy. Lisa works in mixed media including acrylic, oil stick, ink, earth pigment and cold wax.

Kuno Egger

Kuno is a Swiss ceramic artist who is fascinated by the way sand and mud are alchemically morphed by fire. He studied glazing arts & technology with the renowned master, Ron Roy and glasswork with Salt Spring’s own Bob Leatherbarrow. Kuno has been creating ceramics and glass since 1995. His focus is on lidded jars, clay sculpture and exquisite fused glass work.

Lisa LipsettChasing Bliss Show

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