A Light-Hearted Approach to Serious Art-Making

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This is the challenge facing present generations of artists- if not those now well into their careers, then those just beginning or soon to begin for whom art is still a magical word, a word that unaccountably makes one leap inside with hope, as if there is something to be seen that has not yet been seen, and as if it must come through artists’ hands- not nonsense, not just entertainment or personal invention, but something absolutely serious and beautiful. -Lipsey, 1988 An Art of our own                    

There is plenty to take seriously about the world these days and I believe creativity and nature connection are really important serious endeavours for our times. However as my 10 year old daughter is quick to point out, I can sometimes take myself too seriously and this comes through in the earnestness and almost puritanical zeal of my presentation. 


I love this video clip because it is spontaneous, serious yet satirical. It brings home how young people in particular need us to take them seriously, to teach them serious things but to keep the joy, inspiration, laughter and light-heartedness there too! I think we can all draw more joy and beauty into our daily lives and creative practice. As my daughter says…enjoy! 

New light-hearted ART BOOST classes of serious nature-based creativity are starting in October. Visit www.creativebynature.org to learn more. Email directly lisa@creativebynature.org if you have a special request for personalized drawing or painting mentoring or a group who would like a customized program on creativity and nature connection.

Lisa LipsettA Light-Hearted Approach to Serious Art-Making

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