What’s in the bag? Art on the go with a traveling paint kit

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What's in the bag?

What’s in the bag?

A journey away from home is a great opportunity to deepen your art practice. In fact I find my creative juices go on high boil when I head out into the unknown. There is something about opening to fresh sights, smells and textures that is the essence of painting.

For the most part I am outdoor artist so I always have a simple paint kit ready to go. However when I venture far away from home  I add new treats to expand creative opportunities.

Choosing the right art supplies for a trip requires balancing the practicalities of weighty bulk with the essential need for painterly joy that comes from using materials you love. You should be excited about your supplies!

Here is the kit I have with me right now as I do some Europe exploration with my famiy.

My traveling paint kit

My traveling paint kit


A Swiss Caran D’ache water colour pencil set. This set of 24 has a fold out stand which I think is handy.

Extra favourite  watercolour pencils. There are muted colours that kits don’t provide that I  find essential to my creative well being.

Kuretake Japanese watercolours in gold and pearlescent pink. I am not sure what it is about these two creamy watercolours but they are fabulous. The gold and pearlescent ones are a joy. Here’s what a full kit looks like.  You can also buy single colours.

German plant pigment watercolours. This is my go-to paint kit of choice not only because it is all natural but because I love the warmth of the colours.

imageI don’t have this with me but it just caught my eye online. Gypsia’s dried plant pigment kit looks wonderful. Is it too late to ask Santa for a little something arty?


I love to make spirograph mandala dsigns so I bring a Spirograph template and holder with me on my trips.


A circle maker template for quick graphic circle elements.

My grandfather’s old tin cigarette box makes a sweet home for my pastel bits.

I carry one tube each of white and pale pink gouache for blending watercolours and reclaimng white space.

4-6 Permanent ultra fine sharpies (the number depends on how long the trip is).

1 White gel pen. This is a new addition. I have come to love the doodling possibilities of white line on top of watercolour.image

The number of folded books needed for a new painting each day. Each book has 16 panels when painted on both sides. I make the books ahead of time and use one sheet of good quality 22″x30″ Fabriano watercolour paper for each one.

One graphite pencil, just because.

Here are my art supplies all packed up and ready to head out for a new adventure!










Lisa LipsettWhat’s in the bag? Art on the go with a traveling paint kit

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