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Solstice Communion

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It feels so natural to gather together with others tonight to share the light, create ritual and make art. I partnered with a good friend to Touch Draw, attended a meditation gathering, then returned home to join with my family. I joined Ruby my lovely 9 year old and Kuno my life partner of over two decades, around our modest stone pond in the starry frost air to light three candles, one for each of us. Once lit we placed Ruby’s candle on an oyster shell, and the remaining two in walnut shells. Then we launched our candle boats in the moody water and watched the light dance in the wet ripples as we held hands and sang- This little light of mine….. I’m going to let it shine….

Three Little Lights

Recently I discovered the pleasure of light drawing by setting my camera to a long exposure time and moving it around in front of a light source. This technique yields the most gorgeous images. For the following light drawing,
I moved my camera in figure-eights, first to the right, then the left.

Light Drawing


Then I filtered the light drawing through a Photoshop plug-in called Kaleidoscope which with some adjustments created the image Light Communion. I see an interweaving of energy and love in celebration of the precious light that makes our whole world possible…..
Light Communion


Happy Solstice Everyone!
Lisa LipsettSolstice Communion

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