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The Joy of Spontaneity

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The joy of spontaneous body movement is renewing and builds connection. If we let our painted hands dance across the page or twirl our bodies in the forest we can feel this connection in our flesh. The tracings that result are universal, shared by all living beings yet each mark is uniquely ours, an artifact of our experience of communion with Nature.

Try it yourself. Grab two pieces of paper and a pen, close your eyes and let your right hand run freely across the page like a wild horse. Then turn over your page, switch hands and let your left hand out to play. End by drawing with your eyes closed using both hands at the same time. What fun! Follow where your hands lead. Truly savour this time and rest your attention on the sensations associated with the movement of your hands.

Maybe your images will look something like this…

                          Both hand drawing               Lisa Lipsett

Or like this…

                       Moths in the light
by Steve Irvine

A big thank you to Heidi Cowan ( for sending the link to this amazing photo of moths in the light. What beauty they create with their spontaneous dance.

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Lisa LipsettThe Joy of Spontaneity

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