Wind Paint

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perched and windblown

I feel alive as I hike through the verdant green rainforest, newly ravaged by the winds of the previous night’s storm. A fresh excitement builds in me as I see new windy creations are everywhere. Sticks, leaves, cedar boughs and moss are tossed and splayed over the scene. Soon I find a rocky seat near the water’s edge where I can commune with wind and sway, while perched on a strong stable rock. They are all here: the gusts that threaten to rip my watercolour page from my lap, the crashing foamy water and the chilly blow. I even smell cherry blossoms on the breeze. With my other hand I write:

I love how things are stirred up. How the bottom has risen to the top. Twist and tear, strength is tested, fragility is exploited. Dust and debris blow a way.

I close my eyes, feel the wind on my cheeks and paint… windpaint video

finished wind painting
Lisa LipsettWind Paint

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