Creative by Nature Art- Foundations Course

Let’s get started! 

Welcome from Lisa Lipsett on Vimeo.

I am so thrilled to be on this creative adventure with you. We are going to awaken our drawing and painting skills together. This is not only energizing, it can really add a dose of joy to your life. So best get started!

There are two downloadable PDFs below. The first lays out what would be ideal to accomplish before October 1st, so you are ready to dive into your painting and drawing. The second lays out some important background information, theory and some of the key components of the Creative by Nature Art Method I will be sharing with you.

Don’t forget to connect if you have any questions. I look forward to jumping in with you on October 1st!

In creative connection,

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Lisa LipsettFall 2015- Welcome! Let’s get started


  1. katherinecs

    Nice to meet you Deb and hello everyone. Thrilled to be in this course and look forward to being creative with you. I am semi-retired having spent my entire career in nursing and the academic world. I feel a strong desire to stop living in my head and be more in my heart. I have always wanted to paint and draw and took some drawing lessons a year ago. I got frustrated with that process and later realized it was because I was holding myself up to an impossible standard when just starting out. I live on a small island in British Columbia and have access to many beaches and started going to one closest and simply drawing what was in front of me as I sat on a log. I loved the process and had that wonderful feeling of “loosing myself” where time simply happened without my knowledge as such. My drawings resembled that of a small child but it was the best I could do. Your ideas Lisa really intrigue me and I look forward to what will emerge as I engage with them and you and classmates. I see this course as a great way to celebrate my birthday month. :-))

    1. Author
      Lisa Lipsett

      Hi Katherine
      thanks so much for sharing. I love the play on words around loosening up and losing ourselves. Like getting out of our own way and letting the child out to play!
      I look forward to creating with you!

  2. Author
    Lisa Lipsett

    Welcome everyone. I am really excited to be working with you! This is our discussion area from now until our course starts on October 1st, 2015. It would be lovely if you took a few moments and introduced yourself here. Also I invite you to share what your hopes are for this course. What drew you to the class? What experience do you have in the area of creativity and nature? What do you hope to be able to do by the end? How would you like to feel? I am looking forward to your responses. In creative connection, Lisa

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