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Lisa LipsettWeek 1- Discussion


  1. katherinecs

    I just had a delightful time with week 1 lesson 2. I watched the video again Lisa and immediately wanted to explore rosemary. I have several plants and always delight in the fragrance. I set myself up in my outdoor spot and began. I drew with my right hand first and wanted to somehow draw scent and could only come up with attempting to draw a nose. That is my head so need practice in going with how something feels compares to looks like. After I finished the two drawings, I felt compelled to draw objects in front of me. A big fir tree on the edge of the sea with mountains in the background. Then on the table, a gourd as part of a collection of things for this bountiful time of year. I have the rosemary twig in my shirt pocket so I can continue to enjoy the delightful aroma.

    How are others doing? I would love to see your work and read your thoughts.

    1. Author
      Lisa Lipsett

      Thanks so much for sharing Katherine. Way to go for noticing that you had a bit of a tug of war between drawing the idea of scent (a nose) and the experience. I love your hint of a nose by the way…. I also really appreciate how you went with what had juice for you: the scent and then the wind on your face.

      Oftentimes the prompts and suggestions I offer can be seen as an opening, or a kind of door that you open, move through and then you experience what is on the other side. The idea is that once you are through the door you drive your own experience, follow your own attractions.

      In order to build your own practice it is crucial to reflect on your own experience and be an archaeologist of your own experience. What is your personal recipe for shifting into connection? Scent and being touched by nature (wind) may be really great ways into connection for you.

      You did such a good job with staying in the moment when you went with the smell of the rosemary. And the wind on your cheek. Simply setting the intention to stay in connection with the smell of something and letting your hands freely do their thing is wonderful.
      It’s wonderful to have such a great window into your experience.
      Thanks again for sharing,

      1. Author
        Lisa Lipsett

        Oh and I forgot to say that I thought it was so truly sweet that you kept a sprig of Rosemary in your pocket afterwards, like a lovely companion, a reminder of the experience.

  2. katherinecs

    Thanks for your feedback Lisa. I hope we can learn more about “…we give our minds a bit of a holiday and let our hands (bodies) lead and let the mind follow.” I find that a fascinating idea. The drawings from yesterday are calling me back but instead of drawing more, I have the urge to write around the drawings. I love the reflective and inquiring aspects of the course. Using my left hand felt liberating and awkward in a good way. I like to try new things – interesting I never thought of using my left hand to draw before. Using my right hand I thought I was drawing my fingers as they would actually appear on a hand. Intriguing the drawing did not resemble that at all. Yesterday, I used my sit spot indoors and today will go to the beach for lesson 2. I am really enjoying this course!!

  3. katherinecs

    Well the photo came through but not as I described. As you see it here, the one on the left was my right hand drawing. I had the paper positioned up/down rather than sideways as it appears here. I really enjoyed that experience.

  4. katherinecs

    Hello everyone. Well that was certainly an interesting experience. I have never drawn with my eyes closed and don’t think using my left hand. I had a hard time keeping my eyes closed and peeked a bit. What struck me is that my mind was wanting to draw the shape of my hand rather than the texture or other sensations. However, when I look at the drawings something else took place. I am trying to attach the photo and if successful, the top is my right hand (dominant) drawing and the bottom my left. I felt relaxed after the drawing, a similar sensation as to following yoga class. I look forward to seeing other’s drawings and comments. Katherine

    1. Author
      Lisa Lipsett

      Interesting insights Katherine and good observations of what your mind was busy thinking as you engaged. It’s interesting isn’t it how the mind thinks it knows even when given sensation as input. I like to frame things this way: for so many “tasks” in our daily lives we direct with our minds and follow through with our hands. The mind leads and the hands follow. I am forever fascinated when we give our minds a bit of a holiday and let our hands (bodies) lead and let the mind follow. We come to know ourselves and the world in a whole new way. During and after letting the hands lead, the mind can observe, reflect and ask curious questions. The more we can open to letting the hands lead the more we begin to trust their profound wisdom.
      To extend your experience Katherine I wonder what the open spaces on your pages are calling out for? Thanks so much for leading off the sharing!

    2. Author
      Lisa Lipsett

      Hi again, I forgot to ask? How did each hand feel as it drew? I am wondering what it was like for you to use your non dominant hand.
      Bye for now

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