Please share images, thoughts, reflections and inspiration in response to Week 3 art encounters. I look forward to sharing with you.


Lisa LipsettWeek 3 Discussion


  1. Isabelle

    Here is the “listening to a fountain” original painting. Which will give you a better idea of what it looked like before I cut it up in 5 different paintings!

  2. Isabelle

    This one was done while listening to a water fountain. I made a few copies of this painting, then i had fun cutting parts of it to end up with 5 different paintings!

    1. Author
      Lisa Lipsett

      Thanks so much for sharing your water fountain images Isabelle. I love how they are hung like water falling!! I also love how you have created a series out of one image. It reads like a series of postcards from your art encounter. So energizing, so rich with beautiful lines and shapes.

      For the benefit of others in our group, we headed outside in the dark and drew with the sounds of the small water fountain in my pond. This is super fun to do. When we purposefully draw and paint in the dark our other senses come alive. And if squeezing your eyes closed causes an extra strain the pitch black helps to ease this!

      Also others may not realize that Isabelle made a colour photocopy of this painting before cutting it up. That way she could keep the original but play with the copy. This is also a great way to make cards out of sections of images or full ones to share with others.

  3. katherinecs

    Thank you sincerely Lisa for your feedback. It truly helps and encourages me. I had some big dangerous cedars taken down and guys are here milling the wood. While I love the tree/wood will be used, the sounds of chainsaws has become rather irritating after several days. The milling is less harsh noise. I turned to my paints today with eyes closed and colored the sounds of the chainsaws. I felt much better after doing so. I am finding our drawing/painting a great stress reliever and blissful escape. So awesome!

    1. Author
      Lisa Lipsett

      Hi Katherine,
      I am sorry I neglected to comment on your post earlier. I love that you thought to take the chain saw annoyance, really tune into it while giving it colour and form. I do this all the time with nagging thoughts, uncomfortable body sensations, irritations like chainsaws in my environment. There is something about connecting and creating that not only moves energy it builds beauty in the most unlikely of places at the most unlikely times. Physicist David Bohm in his book On Creativity speaks of beauty as being within the act of connection, letting the world flow through us creates beauty. We are changed and the world is changed. Things move from being good or bad to just being and we seem to have more spaciousness to just be with them as well. Thanks for sharing this. The image is watery and soothing somehow…..

      1. katherinecs

        Hi Isabelle. LOVED the picture of snoring. How fun “It felt liberating to create art from something I can’t stand!!!!”

        Maybe we all need to do this more often, :-))

  4. katherinecs

    Just listened to the second lesson of this week. Lisa, your cat was beyond adorable. Clearly she/he wanted your attention and was very used to helping you paint. SO sweet!! :-))))

    1. Author
      Lisa Lipsett

      Yes Thelma was a real treasure. Unfortunateky she passed on a few months ago.

      1. katherinecs

        My condolences Lisa about Thelma. Our animals touch our hearts in a big way and for me leave a little hole each time one passes.

  5. katherinecs

    Great to hear from you Deb. I look forward to reading/seeing anything you wish to post.

    I just did lesson 1 for this week. It is pouring rain outside so I didn’t go out to nature. I felt compelled to use the pens when I did rather than wait for the sun to come out later. I searched the music channels to find something related to nature and did. However, over beautiful bird sounds was loud music so finally settled on “spa” music. For the first time, my head was not involved (previous comments I have made). Lisa you mentioned, “Your job is to stay in connection and trust your painting hand to track that on the page. ”

    That happened today and felt wonderful. Freeing, energizing, and complete. I was fascinated how different my hands drew listening to the same music. Drawing with both hands at the same time was again a new experience. At the end of the drawing I got an inner message, “See that is what it is like to draw from your heart instead of your head.” Awesome!

    I am going to do lesson 2 now then extend and color them both. Love the idea of drawing with my eyes closed. Never heard of this before and it is a gift to me. Nicely stops any censoring voice.

    1. Author
      Lisa Lipsett

      Hi Katherine
      Yes Yes Yes! I am so thrilled to learn that you are experiencing the bliss that comes from making art with your heart. Closing the eyes is so key for so many. I am offering you many different ways to work and it sounds like listening with your eyes closed while drawing is a strong way for you to shift into a flowing connection.

      Week 4 invites you to open your eyes again after this last three weeks of working with eyes closed. I advise you to do at least one more session of listening with eyes closed to really lock that feeling in before opening your eyes for this week’s work.

      Great work!!

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