Train Paint detail

Four Characteristics of Art Anywhere Anytime

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Feel free, calm, connected, in the moment and more in awe of nature’s beauty by painting wherever and whenever inspiration strikes.

The impulse to paint is a gift. Following that impulse builds painting confidence, creative flexibility and skill. In my experience, paint encounters anywhere anytime are the ultimate joy.

We can drop into creative connection with ourselves, others and the living world at the drop of a hat. Like a meditation, this practice strengthens our ability to quickly shift into art mind with elegance and fluidity. It gets easier each time.

The following video Train Paint is a quick paint session from a few years ago, when on a rainy day train trip from Geneva to Bern Switzerland raindrops rolling across the window sparked a marvelous spontaneous paint session.


Four things to help you paint anywhere, anytime.

1. Simple materials- everything needed to paint has to be at hand. This means materials are simple, portable and take up little room, they also pack up quickly. The post ‘what’s in the bag’ details my basic on-the-go kit.

2. Don’t Be Shy-Open to a comfortable place to work where you feel drawn by a plant, animal, pattern, shadow or movement. Don’t start until you feel some connection, then be bold. Don’t worry about others walking by and glancing over your shoulder, just smile and carry on. Better yet, be so absorbed in what you are painting that you don’t even notice!

3. Use your senses- Maybe it is a bird call that draws you in, or a sweet flower fragrance. It could be that your hand brushes the smooth surface of a table top or velvet upholstery. Whatever is calling you, open your senses to really drink it in then paint.

4. Be spontaneous- The difference between painting in general and art anywhere anytime is taking action in any given moment, following through on the impulse to paint. Ignore the humunculous in your head that balks at the idea to paint. In fact take the resistance as a cue to dive right in.

To learn to paint anywhere anytime- why not try one of the upcoming Creative by Nature Art courses? Whether on Salt Spring Island or online, I promise that in 6 short weeks you will feel inspired and confident to paint anywhere anytime all on your own.

Train Paint detail

Train Paint detail



Lisa LipsettFour Characteristics of Art Anywhere Anytime

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