Mating Moths

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There was a profound joining of east and west this week in my little moth hatchery. A beautiful male Cecropia silk moth partnered with an equally beautiful yet demure female Euryalus. Both giant silk moths; Cecropia heralds from east of the rockies and Euryalus from west. Both take my breath away.

First I wrote a few words then drew with the moths to deepen our connection.
Then I painted…..


I love how the watercolour page shredded to create little eggs….

I feel like a voyeur of their intimate moments together and yet firmly situated at the confluence of life creating itself. Through holding the tension of opposition of male-female and east-west these moths will create hundreds of new lives. Like painting with both hands- they join, they create. When I watched the painting video I was struck at how mothwing-like my flapping hands looked. I loved how water dropped and sprayed all over from those handwings. It reminds me of hand dances I used to do with kids in my grade 5 class. It can be otherworldly to create shapes with the hands and watch them come alive, like making shadow puppet hand animals projected onto a screen. Apparently young babies can be startled by their hands flying by, not realizing they are their own!

What are you drawn to create with today? Where do opposites meet for you?
Can you still yourself and create with both hands, from a meeting place of opposition? Maybe its opposing emotions, or an unusual meeting of two minds, or two beings in Nature that attract you today…
Finally, this morning I came a across a lovely art and ecology site. Visit http://www.morning-earth.org/ to see lovely images and poetry dedicated to strengthening the human-Nature relationship.

Lisa LipsettMating Moths

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