Moon Light Draw

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Moon Jellyfish
Last summer at about the the end of August the Moon Jellyfish
arrived in one large travelling horde, a watery swarm of milky undulation. I was immediately attracted and snapped as many pics as I could before they petered out around the seaside docks and pulsed on their way to new adventures. I instantly loved these creatures and the ballet quietness that pulses their flesh as they rise and fall, open and close, here and there.

Large numbers of Moon Jellyfish
Last week they returned in equally large numbers. Once spotted I quickly returned home to get my camera and art supplies so that I might spend some time communing and creating. I returned not 15 minutes later to find them gone. The odd one was left meandering and poking around, but the impressive group of hundreds had moved on. I studied the tidal flow and intuited the direction of the current in an attempt to locate them elsewhere, but I failed to connect……… Its been that way for me this last few weeks. Attempts to connect seem thwarted by weather, circumstance, poor planning. 
This week, I played with the image and reflection of a magnificent full moon over Vancouver Island near Desolation Sound. I filmed the way the reflection moves and twists depending on what way you think it’s spinning. For example, if you think of the reflection like a vortex and tell yourself it is spinning counter clockwise then that’s what you see. Then if you think clock-wise that’s how it looks and if you think both directions at the same time then that too is what you see. Try it out!
Inspired by the beautiful stillness of the moon coupled with its spinning reflection in the water, I decided to take 2 second long exposure photos while I moved my camera back and forth and in spinning circles. This created fun moonlight drawings that I’ve come to love.
Moon Drawings
The moon burned through the darkness like a sparkler in the night sky, creating magical lines and patterns.
With whom are you inspired to create today?
Lisa LipsettMoon Light Draw

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