Painting Waves

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A few weeks ago while on a three day trip to Tofino on the west coast of my home province of BC, I had the opportunity to paint waves. It’s true that I live on the ocean but the experience is one of being caressed by watery undulations not pounded into submission. Tofino inspires humility because everything- trees, horizon, waves- is on a grand scale. So I head here to feel the elements on my body and watch their magic soothe my soul.
   It’s our last day and I have the impulse to paint the sound of the water. I’ve done this before on different occasions at different locations. Mostly in places where water cascades into foamy rapids like on the Muskoka River in Port Sydney Ontario or in Lynne Valley Provincial Park in North Vancouver (see my nephew paint here). This day the unending repeated crash of the waves attracts me.
Getting water to paint with
   I walk the expanse of rippled sand that leads to the swell and lean in to fill my water container with salty foam. I emerge with frigid ocean water and two soaking feet.
Scooping ocean water
   Then I walked back to where I left my paints on the grey bleached logs, closed my eyes, listened and began to paint.
Painting the sound of the waves
What sounds are you drawn to paint?
Wave sound painting
Lisa LipsettPainting Waves

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