Hand Touch Draw

Hi everyone,

Welcome to class! By now I am hoping you have found time to read the Getting Started and Introduction documents found on the Welcome overview page. I hope you have been able to get your materials in order and if you haven’t done so already please post a few sentences about what your hopes are for this course at the bottom of the same Welcome page.

In addition, to further clarify the process we follow, here is a short document outlining the Create Cycle in more detail and providing my plan for the weeks to come.

Today’s art encounter is an invitation to explore and draw the contours and textures of each hand- with your eyes closed.

Here you will your first instructional video and your companion PDF. I hope you enjoy your drawing session. In the video I suggest you post images and comments below, in actual fact please click on the Discussion page for week one and post there. Once again please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. There are two postings each week (sometimes I will add an additional inspiration or two). Our second session for Week 1 will be posted on Sunday October 4th. Enjoy!!


Lisa LipsettWeek 1 Lesson 1- Touching In