Ever wonder what it would be like to have the confidence to paint with natural ease anywhere, anytime without fear of failure?

Learn to paint for joy with the Creative by Nature Art Method.

  This transformational quiet mind painting practice will boost your painting confidence and skill. Watch your unique artful expression be born, naturally. Discover freedom, joy and presence through painting using natural principles, done with heart.

The video below takes place in the Boboli Garden in Florence Italy. It gives a sneak peek into the kind of art encounters you can expect when you take a Creative by Nature Art course. NOTE: Please ignore my serious face, I truly am having a wonderful time! So will you!

   The Creative by Nature Art Method

The Creative by Nature Art Method is taught through courses locally and online. These contemplative painting courses help you explore nature and the landscape of your heart for personal transformation, art skill building, self-care and pure joy.  

You can take a deep dive with a six week Foundations course that focuses on artful encounters with nature. Build to the heartful exploration of your inner landscape in the Level 2 course. Tie things together into a seamless whole with the Level 3 course that solidifies your personal painting practice to full maturity. Do all this with the support of other creative co-travellers.

There are also courses throughout the year in day long and weekend formats, and special custom courses designed to meet the needs of youth, organizations, schools or community groups.

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A collage of paintings.

A collage of paintings.

The Creative by Nature Art method is an unique contemplative painting practice that helps even the most reluctant painter create with ease. Many people make the mistake of beginning a painting like they would any other planned task: with a good dose of thinking and direction following, when really, the trick is to shift your awareness to a deeper level of engagement. The rest follows naturally.  I teach just how to make this shift into sensation, feeling and intuition through simple-to-try art encounters that slowly build from “new born” painting (as one student recently described it) to free flight. Here is what another student had to say about the Creative by Nature Art Method.     

“Fears of failure and not being good enough could not gain the slightest foothold in the context of Lisa’s approach. How can a painting fail when it has been created with closed eyes?” -C. Mauro  


   Though the Creative by Nature Art Method focuses on drawing, painting and mark making in the broadest sense, what you will learn can be applied to any creative endeavour and applied to most every medium. This is because it is process based, a way to approach creating. You will learn how to navigate around the usual habit of planning things out, or trying to control what’s happening, and instead shift into a place of intuitive free flow art-making characterized by improvisation, co-creation, presence, ease and joy.
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   What separates the Creative by Nature Art Method from the other painting programs out there is that it is simple, portable, “do anywhere, anytime” art, that supports a more harmonious relationship with your heart and nature. This method is not just for wanna-be painters (though it is how I started and is the way I continue to paint), it is also for anyone who loves nature, yearns for more creative expression in their lives and senses there could be so much more to their daily experience. 

Painting onboard during Sail Stretch Create 2015.

Painting onboard during Sail Stretch Create 2015.

Creative by Nature Art courses are for you if:

-you love nature and yearn for more creative self expression.

-you seek a simple, portable and powerful painting practice that will last a lifetime.

-you are an educator looking for simple, do-able, material-light activities that deepen nature. connection and boost both student and teacher creative confidence while expanding ways to know.

-you are a green professional looking for supportive self-care and fresh ways to know self and the living world.

-you are a wilderness leader looking for creative ways to deepen nature connection.

-you are a meditator or contemplative practitioner with creative curiosity, who intuits that the contemplative state is a creative one and that drawing and painting can deepen insight and presence.  

-you are a parent seeking ways to nurture creativity and art skills in family life.

-you are seeking personal transformation through expressive art. 

   During our time together you will give colour, shape and attention to sound, texture, pattern, intuition, feeling and spontaneous expression. You will practice the Create Cycle: setting an intention, following what attracts, empathic attunement, drawing & painting with both hands and eyes closed, no plan creating, image dialogue, reflection, synergy of group sharing, expressing gratitude. You will draw + paint in fresh ways, with no brushes, tracking your experience in the moment and experiencing the joy that accompanies art merged with nature and contemplation.


What will you learn?

The Creative by Nature Art Method focuses on process. You will come away with a new appreciation of how art is a natural and universal language. You will practice the the key principles and skills behind embracing drawing and painting as a personal practice that brings insight and connection, and that is available to you anywhere at anytime. You will feel energized and inspired to jump into art-making with new tricks up your sleeve. You will be able to apply the Creative by Nature Art Method to your chosen medium as you move forward. Finally you will feel a boost in your drawing and painting confidence.

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I will continue exploring this wonderful world of expression you taught me. I am very grateful.

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